Trying anything new can be scary for anyone! That's why here, at Wholebody Osteopathy, we like to make sure our patients are completely comfortable. That's why we like to make all of our patients fully aware of what will take place during their appointment.

Your first appointment will last approximately one hour.


You would normally be asked to remove certain items of clothing, depending on the area to be examined.  We would maintain your dignity with the use of towels when lying on the treatment couch, but you are welcome to bring some shorts or loose fitting clothes if this makes you more comfortable.


The consultation is fully confidential. You are welcome to bring someone along to the appointment with you.  Your osteopath will want to know all about your symptoms including relevant details about your lifestyle and general medical history.  A careful examination is made of the symptomatic area as well as an assessment of the way that your body functions as a whole.  A diagnosis is then made and discussed clearly with you before treatment begins.


Osteopaths work with their hands. A variety of techniques can be used including muscle stretching, deep massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation. Most patients find treatment pleasant, however if something feels uncomfortable it is important that you communicate this to your osteopath.

What you do outside the treatment room will affect your progress. You will often be given exercises to do to improve your posture, strength and flexibility.